How many driving lessons will I need to pass?

We hear this question so many times and it’s probably one that you’re asking yourself as you start your learning to drive journey. But the honest answer is…it ‘does not matter’.

That might sound like we’re sitting on the fence, but everyone learns at a different rate, has their different needs and skills when learning to drive, so it’s impossible to answer this question.

Unfortunately every year hundreds of new drivers die on the UK roads due to experience. So the big question you need to ask yourself…do you want to simply pass your test, or do you want to be a safe and confident driver?

Think about it for a second. Do you want to sacrifice your life (and other people’s) for the sake of shaving off just a few hours of learning? Remember that these additional hours of training could potentially save your life.

There is a myth out there that driving instructors want to stretch out the number of lessons as much as possible, but this just isn’t true. Every driving instructor has a responsibility to you. They would rather be accused of ‘stretching out lessons’ than be the one who rushed through 20 lessons for a young person to pass their test only to die in a car crash months later.

We can’t stress the importance of ensuring that you’re not only fully prepared for your test, but also for the road ahead once you’ve passed your driving test. If that means you need an extra few lessons, then so be it. 

So coming back to the question of “how many driving lessons will I need to pass?” Simply put, it will take you as long as it needs to and as many lessons as it takes to become a safe driver.