Reinstall already purchased iPhone or iPad app

You can reinstall an already purchased Apple iOS app so long as you’re still using an iPhone/iPad and you’re either:

  • Signed into the Apple AppStore account that purchased the app
  • Signed into an Apple AppStore account which is a member of the same “Family Sharing” group that the purchasing account is a member of and the purchasing account has shared the app with that “Family Sharing” group.

To reinstall the Apple iOS app:

  1. Start the AppStore app
  2. Touch your Apple ID avatar, usually in the upper right corner
  3. Touch “Purchased”
  4. If you are receiving the app via an Apple “Family Sharing” group, tap the avatar for the family member that purchased the app
  5. Touch “Not on this iPhone/iPad”
  6. Find the app in the list, then touch the cloud icon to download and install it onto the current iPhone/iPad

Note: Our Apple iOS apps aren’t designed for use on Apple Macs, but they might (without warranty) be used on Macs that have an Apple CPU (for example the “M1” CPU) though they will NOT work on Macs with an Intel CPU.