Problems downloading Android apps

Our Android apps, like all apps in the Google Play store, are delivered by Google through a combination or Google Internet servers and the Google Play app – if you have problems downloading an Android app Google do provide some information at the follow web-page:

Before contacting us with any issues downloading our Android apps, please make sure that you have tried the following procedures:

  1. Check your device’s date and time is correct
  2. Clear the Google Play Store, Google Play Services and Google Services Framework caches – this resolves many Google Play issues (the process and menu names may vary slightly depending on your Android version):
    1. Select “Settings”, “Applications/Apps”, “Manage applications/All Apps” then:
      1. For each of “Google Play Store”, “Google Play Services” and “Google Services Framework”, touch the name and then:
        1. Touch “Storage” – might not be necessary
        2. Touch “Clear Cache” and confirm
        3. Touch “Back”
    2. Close “Settings” (or press “Home” to hide settings)
  3. Power your device off and back on (not just to sleep)
  4. Review your battery status, connect your device to a power supply if it is low
  5. Connect via WiFi
    Google Play will by default wait for a WiFi connection before downloading such a large app, primarily to reduce the likelihood of your incurring data download charges for 3G/4G download but also because WiFi connections tend to be more stable and are often faster.
  6. Retry the download and install, links to our most popular apps are included below:
    1. Complete Theory Test Kit
      For Car, Bike, ADI, LGV and PCV Learner Drivers in GB or NI
    2. CPC Case Study Test Module 2
      For LGV and PCV Learner Drivers in GB or NI

If problems persist, please contact us.