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practical test in own car

Can I take the Practical driving test in my own car?

If you’ve already got your own car you may wonder if you can learn to drive in your own car and if you can take the practical driving test in it. The answer to both questions is yes you can, however there’s a few things you need to consider before making your decision. Click here to find out what you need to know about learning in your own car. 

Can i take the practical driving test in my own car?

If you’ve been doing lots of private practice in your own car or even having lessons from a driving instructor in it, you may feel that you’d prefer to take the driving test in your own car. It is possible to do this but you first need to check that the car meets the standards set out by the DVSA for practical tests. Your car must:

  • Have a current MOT (if relevant)
  • Not have any tyre damage and have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm and no spare tyres fitted
  • Not have any dashboard warning lights showing
  • Have 4 wheels
  • Have a MAM of 3,500 kg or under
  • Be able to reach speeds of at least 62 mph, with a mph speedometer
  • Be smoke-free

Does my car need anything fitted to it for the driving test?

To be able to take the practical driving test in your own car you need to make sure your car has L plates on the front and rear, a passenger seatbelt and head restraint and, just for the test itself, an extra interior rear-view mirror for the examiner. You do not need dual control. 

While it is legal for your car to have a dashcam, you must follow DVSA rules regarding filming a driving test, and must not film or record audio from the inside of the car.

Should my car be manual or automatic?

If you’re planning to obtain a manual licence then you have to take the driving test in a manual car.

If you pass your test in an automatic car (which is only recommended if you’ve learned in an automatic vehicle) your licence won’t cover a manual car and you must retake the test in a manual. But once you have your full manual licence you can drive both manual and automatic cars.

Can you take the driving test in any make and model car?

No, there are some models that are not allowed on the driving test. These are:

  • BMW Mini convertible
  • Ford KA convertible
  • Toyota iQ
  • VW Beetle convertible

If using a panel van or other convertible car, check with the DVSA in advance.

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